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System at a Glance

WattIQ is the only enterprise-grade IoT solution that connects thousands of unconnected electrical assets, making it possible for the first time to monitor utilization, condition, and location using a single device, the smart plug.


Start collecting data within minutes of plugging enterprise-wide devices into the WattIQ smart sockets or sensors. Smart sockets range from standard to high power and support a wide range of sensors. Learn more →


WattIQ’s algorithms generate insights into asset utilization and health by analyzing the unique power consumption profile of electrical devices. Our solutions are both device and vendor-agnostic. Learn more →


Make informed decisions about asset redeployment or future purchases. Determine the right level of maintenance based on usage. Protect your science and products by preventing unplanned asset failures. Learn more →

The WattIQ Difference

Identify assets, plug in devices, and start seeing data in 60 seconds, with actionable insights within 24 hours.

WattIQ asset intelligence data helps customersmake critical procurement and maintenance contract decisions, prevents unplanned device failures, and protects valuable products and science.


The Power of the Cloud

A cloud-based platform that simplifies device control and data management of hundreds to thousands of connected devices across multiple sites, all at the individual device level.

Smarter Plugs & Sensors

An enterprise-grade intelligent asset utilizationplatform that not only monitors and controls energy usage, but detects device health at theedge, including temperature anomalies and high current shut-offs that can jeopardize safety. Thousands of data points are stored, even in the event of network outage.

New Analytics

The only algorithms that track asset utilization based on energy consumption and provide data for decision-makers on actual equipment usage and underutilization, location tracking, and device health and safety.

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