Asset Intelligence

From a single pane of glass, WattIQ delivers intelligence into individual device usage along with location and device health to enable the shared asset economy across the enterprise.

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Device Utilization

Compare individual assets to lab and device type averages. WattIQ exposes overworked assets which might bottleneck experiments or under-utilized assets which can be re-deployed.

Device Health

Characterize expected operating profileof device using a combination of power and other sensors. WattIQ algorithms detect anomalies and prevent impending device failure.

Device Location

Location of device based on either ZigBee mesh or BLE with existing network infrastructure. WattIQ battery powered BLE beacons are available to track location of highly mobile assets.

Asset Usage Episodes

Visualization of asset usage episodes overlaid on energy consumption data shows the WattIQalgorithms at work. Graph multiple devices for the same time frame and compare usage periods or use the heat map visualizer for a quick view of peak usage periods.

Asset Utilization History

Understand utilization patterns by location, type of equipment, and even individual device, compared to average. WattIQ identifies under-utilized assets which can be redeployed to avoid capital expenditures elsewhere and over-utilized assets which have become a bottleneck to your business and processes.

Asset Health

By combining multiple data sources, including power, temperature, current, and voltage, WattIQ detects equipment which is failing or showing signs that repair or maintenance is necessary. Anomaly detection algorithms isolate misbehaving devices and warn you of problems, before equipment fails completely and disrupts important processes or valuable assets.

“WattIQ is by far the best plug load monitor and control I have ever used. The online interface is easy and intuitive and totally customizable, which makes the back end analysis much easier.”

Miles Topping, Office of Sustainability, Dir. of Energy Management