WattIQ for Facilities

Most facilities are empty over 60% of the time,including nights and weekends, but much of the equipment inside continues to run 24/7. WattIQ’s active management approach to plug load helps facilities save up to 40% on managed devices, which translates into 8-10% off the overall electricity bill.

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WattIQ Saves Energy and Money in Office Buildings



Create Schedules

Easily create dynamic schedules to power down equipment when the office is empty. The WattIQ system can be used to set schedules by department, location, type, or even for each individual device.

Monitor Device Health

Energy usage can be a predictor of device health. Erratic or excessive energy use often precedes device failure. Using WattIQ real-time data, you can see which equipment needs maintenance or replacement before itfails.

Mine Integrated Sensor Data

Use other sensory data like occupancy to create more dynamic device power down policies. Rich APIs support integration with other Energy Management Systems and sensor data sources.

Average Facility Usage

Facilities are diverse environments, and WattIQ manages many common devices:

  • Computers
  •  Copiers and printers
  • Space heaters
  • Water coolers/heaters/fountains
  • Projectors
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Displays and lobby equipment

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