WattIQ InteliGateways are on-premise devices that form a mesh network with InteliSockets and InteliSensors to gather and report electrical consumption and other sensor data to our cloud-based platform (WattIQ Cloud). Each gateway aggregates data packets from up to 100 InteliSockets and retrieves commands from the cloud and users for execution by InteliSockets and InteliSensors. In the event of a network outage at the installation site, InteliGateways can operate forup to 8 hours without data loss, buffering data from its network of InteliSockets and Sensors.

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InteliGateway Highlights




  • ZigBee Pro Coordinator
  • 17dBm RF Power
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 128 bit AES Security
  • Size: 4.4 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches


  • • Easy Deployment: Provisions into the cloud platform in just a few minutes via web app
  • • Flexible Network Options: Cloud uplink via ethernet, 802.11 WiFi or cellular.
  • • Long Range: Up to 750ft via ZigBee mesh network. Each mesh supports up to 100 sockets


  • • Data Reliability: Receives data every 15s from the sockets and in the event of a network outage, buffers data for up to 8hrs
  • • Scheduling: Schedules for sockets can be stored locally on the gateway in the event of loss of connectivity to the cloud
  • • Secure: Enterprise grade security with End-to-end SSL/TLS, native AES-128 encryption to sensors

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