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Existing IoT-based asset management solutions are often limited by a reliance on high-cost, complex, on-premise solutions, yet businesses continue to find blindspots in their daily management of critical assets. WattIQ bridges the gap by providing a full- stack asset utilization and condition monitoring platform that is affordable, scalable and intuitive.

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How it works

Smart sockets or sensors collect energy usage data every 15s and transmit to the gateway either directly or via another smart socket or sensor (mesh) using ZigBee protocol. The Gateways then talk to the cloud via ethernet or cellular backhaul.

Smart Plugs & Sensors

InteliSockets are the basic building block of theWattIQ system, gathering data on energy use for each monitored device,  and alerting the system to unanticipated loss of power. InteliSensors are additional sensors like Temperature, Pressure, Door Contact, CO2, etc. either integrated into the InteliSocket or standalone powered sensors.

On-Premise Gateways

InteliGateways are on premise devices that can connect with up to 100 sockets as far as 750ft through a mesh network and communicate with the cloud via ethernet or cellular.

Cloud Platform

Inteli provides unified visibility and control of the smart sockets and data across multiple sites with enterprise-grade security, end-to-end SSL/TLS and native AES-128 encryption to sensors.

Features and benefits



Device Management

Monitor & control your electrical assets via smart sockets to manage and analyze your devices and data across multiple sites.

Scalability & Reliability

Confidently scale from 10s to 1000s of smart plugs per site with AWS multi-zone availability and 99.999% system uptime.

System Monitoring

All gateways are monitored for uptime and data completeness, with alerts to users and WattIQ if the system goes offline.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise grade security with End-to-end SSL/TLS, native AES-128 encryption to sensors.

3rd Party Integrations

Rich RESTful APIs for device management and authenticated 3rd party sensor and enterprise system data.

Data Agnostic

Easily integrate disparate sensor data for location, vibration, temperature, humidity etc.

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