Energy Management

Electrical device plug loads account for up to 40% of your overall building energy use. The patented WattIQ system provides the asset intelligence needed to save energy by truly managing your entire building’s energy use.

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Save on your energy costs by scheduling assets to be powered down when not in use. After capturing a snapshot of baseline power consumption, set up on/off schedules for locations, equipment types, a combination of these, or even for individual assets. Easily apply exceptions to flexibly handle holiday calendars or other special events. Best of all, view your projected savings as you set up schedules and understand ways to lower your energy bill.

Device Health

By combining multiple data sources, including power, temperature, current, and voltage, WattIQ can help detect equipment which is failing or showing signs that repair or maintenance is necessary. Anomaly detection algorithms will help isolate misbehaving devices and warn you of problems, before equipment fails completely and disrupts important processes or valuable assets.


WattIQ helps prevent issues with poorly functioning or malfunctioning electrical equipment, by monitoring the temperature of plugged in equipment.

Bad outlets or wiring, or malfunctioning equipment can generate heat and damage your assets and electrical system. WattIQ automatically powers down equipment when the internal temperature exceeds 900C, and users can receive a warning at 650C. The system can also be configured to shut off automatically when electrical current spikes above the maximum rating to prevent damagefrom malfunctioning equipment.

“WattIQ is by far the best plug load monitor and control I have ever used. The online interface is easy and intuitive and totally customizable, which makes the back end analysis much easier.”

Miles Topping, Office of Sustainability, Dir. of Energy Management