WattIQ for Schools and Higher Education

Every year, K-12 schools spend more than $8 billion on energy – more than they spend on textbooks and computers combined. Using WattIQ to take control of energy consumption allows schools to dramatically reduce this cost and invest more in education, deferred maintenance, and other important needs.

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WattIQ Saves Energy and Money in Schools



Create Schedules

Shut down equipment when spaces are unoccupied, customize schedules by asset class or individual asset.

Monitor Device Health

Know when to repair or replace equipment,extending life of equipment (e.g., refrigerators).

Sustainably Procure

Gain visibility to usage patterns of shared equipment like printers and redeploy underutilized assets to the right areas.

Set Policies

Create and enforce energy-saving policies, such as powering down unused computers.


Get alerts when key equipment is on or off when it should or shouldn’t be or displaying an erratic usage pattern.


Ensure that devices such as heaters, fans, and air conditioners aren’t accidentally left on.

Average School Building Usage

WattIQ helps schools save money by providing insight into the following equipment and more:

  • Computers
  • Charging carts
  • Refrigerators
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Space heaters
  • Projectors
  • Window AC units
  • Copiers & printers
  • Water coolers & fountains

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