InteliSensors are an extension of the InteliSockets collecting additional sensor data like Temperature, Pressure, CO2, Humidity and others at a device level. Some sensors are integrated with InteliSockets and others are standalone devices that support multiple sensor probes. Sensors can be configured to collect data at desired frequency and also communicate via a highly secure, encrypted Zigbee mesh network. The combination of power and multiple sensor data provides proactive insight into the condition of assets while the high resolution data stream simplifies remote condition monitoring.

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InteliSensor Highlights



Edge Intelligence

Data on energy use for each monitored device, providing control over device power and alerting to unanticipated loss of power.


Local thermal sensors prevent thermal runaway conditions with an over-current/over-temperature safety shut off.


Enterprise grade security with end-to-end SSL/TLS and native AES-128 encryption to sensors.

Easy Deployment

Easily plugs in between the wall outlet and your device and automatically establishes a secure communication network.

High Power

Sockets for 20A, 240VAC, and hard-wired meters up to 30A. The larger the equipment, the greater the savings.


Supports bidirectional communication for functions like turning devices on/off and option for monitor only state.

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